Friday, December 12, 2014

Kenworth K 200 Aerodyne Big Cab

The only steering wheel of this type with a pearl finish. Definitely  a "one off"

Regency Red pearl finish.

Hooray! success!
cut off areas dressed with silver bands.

Took a lot or persuading on Ken's part and as he's an extremely persistent and patient fellow, we decided to give it some thought as to how best get around the  airbag structure.

 Here showing minor modifications to the shape - can't have hollowed out areas which would eventually wear through.

   Owner Ken  was determined to have a pearl steering wheel in his brand new Kenworth

K 200 Aerodyne Big Cab 2•9, fully optioned and fitted with some of the latest technology in camera and Radar equipment. It is powered by a Cummins ISX e5 600hp linked to an Eton Full Auto Ultra Shift Transmission in front of 4.11 Diffs. Lots of customising, 90% by Klos Custom Trucks Melbourne.

Thanks Ken for the photos of your Rig and  special steering wheel.

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