Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Rob and Louisa Van Eck of South Australia have spent a small fortune on restoring their 1957 two door coupe. We were commissioned by Finch restorations in the Adelaide hills, Our mission-- --- to enhance this impressive but difficult ( from our perspective ) steering wheel.

First job was to remove all of the chrome for gold plating.

After numerous repairs we reset the gold plated sections back into the wheel. We then pearl plasticised the steering wheel in dual colours.

Custom white Pearl as in the paint colour "Cassablanca" teamed with our "Regency Red Pearl".

On it's return Rob Van Eck was so delighted with the steering wheel, that he set off with it on his motor bike to show a mate. Unfortuately both Rob and the wheel took a huge tumble-- the wheel was consequently returned to us without even being fitted to the car.

So began the process once again-- gold sections removed to be recoated, then reset-- steering wheel replasticised as before.

Photos courtesy of Australian Classic Car magazine.

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