Tuesday, December 30, 2014

International Ute

Pearled in custom mauve to match paint.

Still a little way to go!

wheel as presented.

Isuzu Bus steering wheel- from boring to beautiful!

wheel as presented.

After in custom green pearl, matched to upholstery sample.

Leaving room for RV photos - coming soon!

Work in progress

Dash and front panel area next to be completed.

Someone's handy with a sewing machine!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chevrolet 15 inch 1957 reproduction steering wheel

James Petrolo, organised this white pearl wheel for his brother Carl's 40th birthday
Very cool Chevy - thanks for the great pic's James.

As supplied,15 inch reproduction 1957 Chev wheel

After- two plasticised coats of white pearl

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lagonda M45 1934 steering wheel

A Call from Bernard Holmes at the Aston Martin Workshop
  Beamish, Co. Durham UK.
                               " we need a steering wheel for a 1934 Lagonda- fully restored
                                                                    Can you help? "

Wheel as it arrived -unserviceable! 
decided to build them a new ( improved) wheel.

New spoke spacers made from brass & chromed.

new stainless steel spokes and
 ( superior ) attachment blocks  made.

Using  in-house hub to enable mounting.

Spokes re attached

Wheel complete -using original type black plastic finish.
Original hub and horn centre retained and refitted in the UK.

Original and new replica wheel together.

Meanwhile back at the Aston Martin Workshop,
 the '34 Lagonda, while waiting for her new
 wheel to arrive from Australia,
 is being totally rebuilt from the ground up.

Wheel back in UK and fitted with
temporary extra protection shield on wheel

Owner of the Aston Martin Workshop Bob Fountain 

Drove one of his most prized cars, the fully restored 1934 Aston Martin Lagonda, in the Peking to Paris Endurance Race. The race is the only transcontinental competition which covers the greatest distance between two capital cities and involves a 10-day stretch crossing Mongolia without any available fuel or water. It was also the 100 year anniversary of the race. 
Waved off from the Great Wall of China.
Bob & Joe looking tired!
In for a tune up & car wash.
Bob and team mate Joe De Georgi

Fuel stop

Arduous journey!

New proto type boat steering wheel

New proto type boat wheel made for customer in Netherlands.
new hub
hub powder coated

"one off" stainless steel rim made

New Logo

Company owners in  Netherlands - happy customers.