Friday, August 31, 2012

VOLVO 1937

This quite rare 1937 banjo Volvo steering wheel was in a very sad state. We completely rebuilt the steering wheel, using a superior method - re attchment of spokes to rim.  The final plasticised finish complimented the original centre emblem surround.
Customer prefered leaving the surround as original rather than match exactly to the rim.
It is never an exact science, however we were all quite delighted with the final result. Wheel should blend in very nicely with the art deco colour scheme.
Photos of wheel in situ hopefully soon to follow..

VW "Beetle" 1963

Our thanks to Greg Bower of the ACT for sending through these photos and You Tube clip of his customised 1963 Beetle.
We pearled his steering wheel in custom dual colours to match the paint.